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1. Our customers – it is most important point of our service (business). We offer you full range of services connected with property in one packet. Our service is oriented on you and your wishes. Your job is to contact us – all other things are our business.
2. We'll offer you available options with different advantages,

you'll choose on your taste.
3. We'll help you with all procedures connected with contract and registration of property. We'll translate contract into Hebrew, Russian, English. We'll provide you with notary service if it will be necessary.
4. We'll help you open bank account and transfer resources without loss.
5. We'll take a care about apartment renovation and design on your taste.
6. We'll keep an eye on your house in your absence.
7. We'll offer you BNB service, apartment rental.
8. We'll transfer rental income on your account.
Our purpose is to make you choice right and clear. Customer doesn't have worry about insignificant details, we take care about everything. Buying property abroad is much more easy and pleasant with Zulu VIP.


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