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Story in Batumi

I come to Georgia 3 years ago and loved this place. Now I live in Batumi, in most beautiful and lovely city in the world. I was surprised by Georgians hospitality and warmth. When I came in Batumi first I saw magnificent view from distance. The skyline was awesome. It was first impression that I will never  forget. I loved this city and understand that I want to spend rest of my life in this paradise on Earth. So I immigrate here and I live my life happily and blissfully. There are a lot of attractions in this city: Batumi Boulvard, Argo cable car,  Dolphinarium, Adjarian Wine House, Botanical Garden etc.  I started to work here, I'm surprised by the fact that taxes are low, and it's comfortable to live here ever for foreigner. You will love this city at  first sight, and this is love forever.

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